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Illness Recovery

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Does winter fill you with fear? Do those dreaded colds and flus leave you and your family with runny noses, coughs, sore throats, headaches, fevers and fatigue through the winter months?

Perhaps you or someone you know has an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis? Illnesses in this category can be debilitating as more of the tissue under attack become destroyed and ultimately dysfunctional. Unfortunately many times medications involved can be very harsh and quite often will not match its rapid progression requiring more drugs with higher dosages.

So what if you have to have an operation? Postoperatively, recovery can take time. Pain, inflammation and occasionally post-operative infection can interfere with your everyday function. Pain relief medications are required to decrease inflammation and antibiotics for the infection but sadly these both can decrease your immunity and not help with tissue recovery. More time off work means less money and more stress for you!

However, in these modern times the term chronic fatigue is becoming more and more significant. Chronic fatigue seems to follow a severe illness (usually viral) usually at a time when someone has been emotionally and physically run down. It is associated with symptoms such as extreme tiredness, lethargy, depression, pain syndromes, sleep disturbances and many other debilitating symptoms can effectively keep you off work, school and very isolated because you are unable to participate!

Medically it is difficult to treat. Doctors tend to prescribe strong pain relief pills and anti-depressants and yet minimal improvements are gained.

Illness recovery should be just as important as the illness itself. Take stock now and start to feel well again!


How Hemaview can help

In this slide a person has chronic fatigue and has been recovering from a viral illness and has also had a joint injury. Note the large “cloud” like patches called fibrin indicating inflammation. Circles within circles (annulocytes) indicate dehydration or iron deficiency. Lastly, there are a lot of clumping of the red blood cells (erythrocyte aggregation) also indicating inflammation.

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