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“I don’t have time to get sick!” is a common saying or “I can’t afford to be ill!” is the other. If that is you then ask yourself this. Is it not better to prevent yourself from getting sick by adopting wellness practices now than to get sick in the future and claw yourself back to health? Of course it is!

Most people today are living extremely stressful, busy lives, so it is incredibly important to be able to raise your game and address your challenges to gain optimal health. Your goals should always include being vibrant, healthy and full of energy.

The wellness prescription is simple and involves the following:

  • Combining the correct type of diet for your requirements,
  • Taking key nutritional supplementation for your needs
  • Regular exercise of your choice
  • Rescheduling relaxation and fun back into your life!

If you would like to improve or even maintain your current level of energy, health and wellbeing contact us for a free online health assessment which will indicate just how well you really are.

DP Herbals can offer guidance promoting optimal long term health, not just a short fix! In fact our aim is to teach you how to look after yourself so that you can become the “thoroughbred” you want to be. The difference is the expensive race horses have trainers and a management team – do you? Everyone is different and as such has different requirements so come in and see us today for your individualised wellness prescription.

Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it. Don’t let that happen to you!


How Hemaview can help

Hemaview shows elongated red blood cells in this frame along with other irregular shapes indicating a nutritional deficiency. This client had healthy practices but just needed some guidance on diet. Symptomatically, the client would run out of steam typically throughout her day.








See for yourself:


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