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Phil is a 37 year old male who came to DP Herbals for help with fertility. He and his wife were trying for another baby and decided to have some preconception care. Phil was aware that he was carrying too much weight and was currently on the weight watchers plan. Phil was a workforce planner in a stressful position as manager which was a sedentary position. His exercise consisted of exercycle which he did ½ an hour twice a week and was a regular player of xbox. He was a “hands on” father with his 3 year old daughter. Phil and his wife had been to the fertility clinic prior to her birth. It was decided with the consult that Phil needed a weight reduction plan. He had been tired with energy described as being 3/10. Once a month he got a headache and when he got sick his glands came up.

His diet consisted of highly refined foods such as rices, muncho’s, pasta and also enjoyed diet coke. He enjoyed fish and chips once a week.

He was experiencing:

  • Fertility problems and difficulty in conceiving
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Poor fitness level (short of breath on exertion)
  • Regular headaches
  • Weight = 131.4kg - much too heavy for Phils build and height

What we did:

  • Improved his nutritional status by supplementing antioxidants and nutritional supplementation
  • Herbs were used to improve fat loss
  • Specific nutrients and herbs were used to improve sperm numbers and motility
  • Started him on a ketogenic diet (no refined carbs, increased protein) to increase lean muscle mass and decrease fat. Encouraged gradual increase in cardio exercise each week
  • Weekly monitoring of his progress. After 8 weeks and 17kg’s of fat loss Phil and his wife fell pregnant! Phil continued his weight loss diet and exercise for a total of 10 months. He enjoyed the way he felt and lost a total of 41kg at the time of his last weigh in. However, Phil had his own goals and continued forward to compete in marathons and last I heard he was in training for a duathalon!


Live blood analysis taken during July 2012 shows the red blood cells are “clumped” (erythrocyte aggregation) and do this when there is excessive inflammation. Excessive fat tissue is inflammatory. Lack of exercise and poor food choices also serve to increase inflammation throughout the body. Some red blood cells also have “circles” (annulocytes) present inside them indicating dehydration.


Live blood analysis taken during October 2012 shows the red blood cells are now floating freely. There are less inflammatory chemicals in the blood causing stickiness. Annulocytes are no longer present indicating diet and hydration has improved.

What he thinks:

I went to Deidre with a number of health related issues related to being overweight. With her help I have lost close to 50kgs and I feel like a new person. I am so much more active now and have completed a number of 10km runs and I'm now training for my first half marathon something I never thought possible a year ago. Deidre put me at ease from my first visit with her friendly demeanour and has helped motive me to set and achieve my goals.

 Deidre I just wanted to say Thank you so much.

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