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Christina is a 44 year old lady who has always had a problem with her digestion “ever since she can remember”. As a child she had terrible pains in her stomach but seemed to grow out of it at 8 years of age. She also had childhood eczema which cleared later on as she entered teenaged years. Her stomach is fine if she does not eat certain foods such as tomatoes and sometimes eggs which she tries to avoid when she can. If she does eat them she has an upset stomach later on in the day and will have loose bowel motions that afternoon. However bowels can be loose for no reason and she could go 3 times a day and other times her bowels would open once every second day. Her stress levels can be high with her work which seems to impact on her digestion.

What Christina has also noticed is that she has become more reactive over time. Whereas, she used to be able to have any foods without any problems she is noticing more gut symptoms appearing when she eats and terrible bloating at the end of the day – “a whole dress size”. On top of that her energy is low and her immune system is not as robust as it used to be catching every cold that goes around the office.

She was experiencing:

  • Alternating bowel habits
  • Bloating
  • Worsening symptoms to more and more foods
  • Low energy
  • Foggy brain
  • Poor immunity

What we did:

  • Prescribed a generalised bowel detox which removes parasitic overload, toxins and improves the function of the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. This took 6 weeks.
  • Given supplements such as iron, B12 and folate to restore the deficit in nutrition that had occurred over a long period.
  • Repaired and soothed the digestive lining of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Christina then took an allergy screening panel and it found that she was intolerant to gluten, dairy and eggs. Tomatoes were only mildly showing up as a problem but she could also have salicylate intolerance which would not show up. Diet was modified and removal of these foods will be for 6 months.
  • Ongoing follow up and support.


Live blood analysis taken during November 2013 shows that red blood cells have clumped together (erythrocyte aggregation) and a few appear to have lights inside them indicating that they are deflated either due to dehydration or lack of iron. The red blood cells also seem to be different sizes. This slide shows nutritional deficits and inflammation.


Live blood analysis taken during January 2014 shows red blood cells are looking a better size and there is less erythrocyte aggregation. At the time of this reading Christine was nearly finished her bowel detox and we were awaiting the results of the allergy screening panel. The golden sparkly cell at the bottom of the slide is called an eosinophil. It indicates parasitic activity or allergy.

What she thinks:

When I first came to Deirdre I never thought that I was quite as bad as I was but when I saw my blood (amazing!) I knew I needed to change. Deirdre told me that my foggy brain and stomach problems could be helped and they have been. It’s been great as I have become “regular” and my energy has improved. My allergy screening panel results gave me some direction on what I can and can’t eat, which has been hard but worth it. I have lost weight and I am feeling much more peaceful at work. I recommend seeing Deirdre if you have a problem, she listens and really tries to get the best results for you. Her medical background is a bonus. Thank you so much Deirdre!

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