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Bella is a 20 year old young lady who came to DP Herbals 2 years ago recovering from Glandular fever which she had the year before. As a result her immunity was poor and she was constantly sick requiring antibiotics. She was in her last year of school and was studying for assignments and exams. This ongoing pressure made her feel tired and flat. Bella typically suffered from ongoing tonsillitis, sinusitis and sore painful glands especially when she felt stressed. Her stomach was also not feeling good at this time.

She was experiencing:

  • Lowered immunity
  • Sinusitis
  • Tonsilitis
  • Digestive problems
  • Poor stamina and lowered energy
  • Stress

What we did:

  • Increased her protein intake and made overall suggestions around specific nutrients to support stress and study.
  • Replaced iron, antioxidants and other vital nutrients required to rebuild her immunity and stamina.
  • Prescribed herbs and probiotics to support her digestive tract
  • As her energy improved we have started to work on strengthening her adrenal glands and continue to support her immunity.

Over the next two years Bella graduated, worked part time and then started University. Her energy has markedly improved and she feels so much better. Bella's immunity continues to be a struggle but she now understands that when she is rundown because of too much work or stress she is likely to get sore throats and sinusitis. She is currently on an adrenal fatigue “program” with supplementation of fish oil and iron.


Live blood analysis taken during September 2011 shows widespread inflammation and low iron levels.


Live blood analysis taken during November 2013 shows Bella now has minimal inflammation and her iron levels have markedly improved.

What she thinks:

“Before the start of my herbal medication, I was constantly feeling tired with low energy and catching every cold and flu that was going around. From having glandular fever, fatigue was an ongoing problem that began to effect my immune system, later resulting in a sinus infection and re-occurring tonsillitis. Antibiotics were given to aid all my problems which unfortunately caused some further problems, which made me question whether these prescriptions were taking care of my body or doing more damage to other aspects of my health. I went to seek help at DP Herbals where I was put on natural remedies that significantly improved my immune system, chronic fatigue and long list of other things that were making me feeling low. Various samples of my blood were taken over a number of months where significant changes could be seen. I now feel like I have the energy and liveliness of a young 20 year old adult and no longer feeling that I’m reaching retirement!”

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