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Geoff is a 45 year old man who is part of the management team in a very busy international corporation. When he came to DP Herbals he was feeling very tired and fatigued. His energy levels were at best a 4/10 each day, coming down to a 2/10 by the days end – he summed himself up as “exhausted”. He thought his immunity may have been down as he seemed to catch most colds going around the office and usually got the flu every second year. He liked to exercise and also enjoyed dancing twice a week. Geoff lived a fairly healthy life although diet was an issue as he lived on his own and sometimes didn’t eat as well (or as regularly) as he would have liked. Geoff didn’t recognise any gut problems when asked. He initially wanted better health and to find some balance in his everyday life.

He was experiencing:

  • Generalised lethargy and decreased stamina
  • In the winter months would get a dry and itchy skin
  • Sinus issues
  • Was feeling more stressed than usual
  • Poor immunity

What we did:

  • Improved the quality of his cells initially by giving top quality supplements such as iron, fish oils and magnesium so that he could receive some much needed energy.
  • When Geoff felt more energetic we had him take an allergy screening panel which identified a major intolerance to gluten and whey as well as a moderate one to eggs. Diet was modified and Geoff eliminated these foods for 6 months.
  • A careful herbal detox was utilised to help support the body to release toxins without taxing an already fragile immune system.
  • Diagnostic blood work was taken regarding Vitamin D a level which is a hormone in charge of regulating the immune system. This was very low. Vitamin D replenishment given at therapeutic dosages.
  • Ongoing follow up and support


Live blood analysis taken during January 2013 shows he was inflamed and lacked nutrition. Red blood cells which appear to have glowing half circles in their centre are called annulocytes. When they appear in this way it indicates dehydration and/or a lack of iron. The clumping of the red blood cells indicate inflammation and is called erythrocyte aggregation.


Live blood analysis taken during February 2014 shows a dramatic change in the blood. Cells are hydrated and floating independently of each other. A much more healthy reading.

What he thinks:

In the lead up to Christmas 2012 I felt completely drained with some mornings being a real mission to get up.  Working as a manager in a fast passed company the stress had been slowly building over several years and this combined with the passing of my mother after a long illness had finally taken their toll.  Initially I thought a good break over Christmas was all I needed but after three weeks leave I still felt the same.  

During my first visit Deirdre professionally covered every aspect of my life and what had been leading up to this point.  By the time I left I was confident that she knew what was going on and how to get my energy levels back to normal.  Over the coming months Deirdre used her expertise and skill to restore my health and energy levels so I can now cope with life’s stresses.  During the journey Deirdre was very informative about the entire process and explained what we were doing and why.  Thanks for getting my life back Deirdre.

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