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Rosina is a 35 year old young lady who is self-employed with a very busy workload. Three years ago she had a very bad dose of Glandular fever which lasted months. At the time she felt incredible heat with burning feet. In her words this “knocked her about.” Rest was not available to her at the time or for her recuperation. She has been left with chronic fatigue symptoms, no stamina and once a month (or more) needed to sleep all day as she just couldn’t get up. Medical tests showed all her blood was “normal”.

She was experiencing:

  • Lowered immunity
  • Always feeling cold
  • IBS symptoms (Irritable Bowel symptoms)
  • Sinusitis
  • Pins and needles in fingers, arms and feet
  • "Worn out physically and mentally" which was affecting her work

What we did:

  • Replaced iron and other vital nutrients that Rosina had lost during her illness
  • As her energy improved she did a bowel detox and later a cellular detox to remove toxins
  • Prescribed probiotics to improve her immunity and supplements to support her well-being
  • Suggested gluten was removed from her diet, and a decrease in dairy, coffee and sugar was recommended
  • Provided lifestyle advice and stress management techniques

Over the next two years Rosina’s vitality, energy and ability to work consistently improved. Her quality of life also improved. The best thing was that Rosina is able to manage her health effectively and independently the majority of the time with periodic visits to DP Herbals to keep her on track.


Live blood analysis taken during October 2010 shows that Rosina is low in B12, folate and iron.


Live blood analysis taken during April 2013 shows vast improvement in the levels of B12, iron and folate.

What she thinks:

"I knew something wasn’t right, but my ‘normal’ blood tests kept coming back fine. With a serious lack of energy and enthusiasm (which is not like me at all), I started to wonder if it was a mental health issue. Then I met Deirdre, and my first Hemaview blood screen immediately showed something was wrong. I nearly cried. Deirdre has been compassionate, positive, understanding, encouraging and genuinely caring throughout the whole process. It was amazing to not only feel but actually see improvements as we went, and I’ve also learnt a lot about myself. I can’t thank you enough, Deirdre, for your ongoing support and friendship."

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