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Grant is a 52 year old gentleman who came to DP Herbals 2 years ago with gut issues, allergies (hay fever, sinus) and mood fluctuations. These symptoms had been going on for many years. He also had a genetic disorder called alpha antitrypsin deficiency leaving him with mild liver damage as an adult. Appetite was always poor in the morning and certain foods such as bread and oats used to make him nauseated. Most junk food made him feel sick but he constantly craved (and binged) on sugar. Pain was also worsening in his upper gastric region with burning going through to his shoulder blades. Grant had very low energy, didn’t exercise and would fall asleep regularly at 4pm in the afternoon. He was intolerant, stressed and his anxiety levels were very high. As a consequence he needed to take a break from his job to cope.

He was experiencing:

  • Poor digestion and pain
  • Nausea
  • Consistently craving junk food
  • High levels of stress and anxiety
  • Chronic sinusitis and hay fever
  • Decreased stamina and lowered energy

What we did:

  • Allergy screening panel to identify if there were any foods causing his symptoms and created a diet plan that he was to adhere to for a number of months. This was key!
  • Replaced vital nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals that were needed to give him energy.
  • Utilised herbs and probiotics to improve his digestive system including digestive enzymes.
  • Helped him to detox using herbs and supplements.
  • Gave herbs to help regulate his nervous system.
  • The combination of herbs, diet and supplements helped decrease his allergies.

Over the next 18 months Grants health gradually improved. Once we discovered he had a severe intolerance to milk, gluten and eggs Grant was assisted in modifying his diet. He no longer craved the sugary carbs in evening. He is calmer and relaxed. He is now attending a gym and with his new found energy he no longer sleeps at 4pm. Allergies have also improved. Grant no longer has pain in his stomach, digestion has improved and the best thing of all he has gone back to work!


Live blood analysis taken during November 2012 shows circles within the red blood cell (anulocytes) indicates a lack of either iron or most likely dehydration. This is often seen in the blood where there is increased toxicity and lack of cellular nutrition.


Live blood analysis taken during February 2014 shows that the blood is much more hydrated and red blood cells look larger indicating the cells are finally getting better nutrition. Cloud like clusters called fibrin indicates inflammation. Grant is recently having back pain and suffering some arthritic pain.

What he thinks:

Since first meeting with Deirdre, I have had blood tests which have identified intolerances to a number of food ingredients used widely in the Western diet. Removal of these foods from my diet has resulted in the reduction or complete remission of symptoms which have plagued me for years. These symptoms include: Reflux, diarrhoea, headaches, depression, sinusitis, hay fever, arthritic pain, loss of libido, anxiety, and general irritability (bad temper).

I can thoroughly recommend Deirdre’s analytical processes, her endearing personal manner, and her perspicacity. She employs all of these to help with symptoms that aren’t so out of left field as you might imagine.

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