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Silent night – all is bright?

09 Dec 2015

Christmas time is a wonderful time of year! An exciting time! We start to plan our holidays, catch up with those we haven’t seen for a little while and celebrate the end of the year. There’s a feeling of goodwill in the air as our generosity starts to spill forth to those around us. Bright lights, Christmas carols, candles and of course Santa!  

Sadly, for many, Christmas is not a joyous occasion. The festivities can add to already financial burdens and stress levels. Instead of being happy occasions, family get-togethers only grate on already strained relationship dynamics.

Loneliness and isolation are also exacerbated for some people during this time of year, particularly if they do not belong to a strong community or have family or friends around them.  So, with that being said, here are some common problems that may arise at this time of year with some DP Herbals “Christmas tips” to combat them:

1. Absence of a beloved person

The absence of a beloved person during the holidays creates feelings of loneliness and regret. Additionally, people who feel loneliness and depression when they see other people having a good time, then the situation is getting worse. 

Christmas tip: Surround yourself with other people. At this time of year there are a lot of organisations that need help. Volunteering your time and energy to those in need gives a person purpose and happiness.  Additionally, there are opportunities to make new friendships with kind and gracious people. 

 2. Family misunderstandings

Conflicts and stressed relations in several cases come to the surface this time of the year. Usually people want to gather the whole family together for Christmas, but plans can go awry as people can have expectations of each other and how things should be done. 

Christmas tip: Make sure that everyone is on the same page in regards to who gets to host it, what everyone is to bring, and who will be going. Gift giving should also be agreed upon whether it be a Secret Santa situation or a set amount. This cuts down on one upmanship and/or embarrassment.

3. Economic difficulties

Many families, for various reasons face financial difficulties, especially nowadays.  The holidays add an extra burden to an already tight budget. During this time there are many parties, celebrations and gatherings that require spending for food and drink. Children start to make their lists and checking it twice…in front of you. Even with the pre-Christmas sales, disposable cash doesn’t seem to stretch very far.

Christmas tip: First step – be realistic! Christmas is but one day so get perspective. Do a budget and stick to it! Do things that are enjoyable but affordable. For example, on Christmas day have a BBQ with some friends and celebrate outdoors. It’s cheaper and the outdoor setting lends itself to be informal as well as being lots of fun! 

4. Physical tiredness

One of the main reasons that the holidays bring with them intense stress is that suddenly people have to do many things in a short period of time. Even when the activities are basically pleasant and enjoyable, they are a change from the daily routine that you are used to. On top of this, deadlines need to be met before we go on holidays which automatically launches us into a bit of a panic!

Christmas tip: Get your sleep! At least 8 hours should do it. Eat well and get your daily exercise. If that doesn’t work – come and see us!

 5. Loneliness

For many people, especially the elderly, the loneliness is a real issue during the holidays. They may not have someone to sit with them at the dinner table anymore with family living elsewhere and friends now sparsely represented.  Younger people who only have friends and no family can also be found alone and without invitation during the holidays. Loneliness is often found at Christmas

Christmas tip: If you know of someone who is on their own, reach out and make them feel included. If you are the one who is isolated, there are many Community based organisations that cater for those who will be on their own. Don’t be afraid, get in contact.

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