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Can my negative emotions cause pain in my neck?

15 Jul 2015

We all know that our feelings can affect our health. Remember how drained you can feel after constant arguing with a loved one or how fantastic you feel when you have good news. If we look to the Chinese chi body grid emotions are essentially energy with emotion having its own “frequency”.

According to Dr. David R. Hawkins book, ‘Power VS Force’ your vibration frequency code is based on an overall accumulation of emotions, your attitude and how you respond and react. How long and intense you stay in certain thoughts and emotions generate feelings which become your vibrational frequency.

He explains that our more negative feelings have lower energy frequencies. Shame for instance has been measure with an energy level of 20 and while anger has an energy level of 150. In comparison
neutrality (something I personally struggle with) is 250 and love is 500. Enlightenment has an energy level of 700 -1000!

If we are angry (150) and apathetic (50) most of the day we are sitting in a lower energy frequency making us fatigued, listless with no stamina. Low energy eventually escalates into depression and hopelessness. So it’s important to be aware of how you are feeling. Letting go of negative beliefs and thoughts every time they come up will transform your emotional energy pattern to a higher one. Exhibiting courage (200) and acceptance (350) increases your energy frequency so you can feel energized, optimistic and full of life.

But lets take it further. A large majority of studies have shown that negative emotions weaken the body, while positive emotions make us stronger, and prevent us from acquiring illness and disease. Shame, has the most destructive influence on the body, followed by guilt, apathy, grief, fear, anxiety, craving, anger and then hate. Here are some thoughts around pain and discomfort on the physical level perhaps arising from emotional thoughts.


Body parts:

Neck – Emotional energy of anger. Refusing to see two sides of the story. Stubbornness & inflexibility

Shoulders – Ability to carry our experiences in life joyously. Here we carry the weights of responsibility for another or situation

Elbows – Represents changing directions (regarding our own path & goals) and accepting new experiences

Wrists – Represent movement and ease

Upper – Lack of emotional support, feeling unloved or holding back love
Middle – Guilt, stuck in all that stuff “back there,” “get off my back”
Lower – Fear of money, lack of financial support

Hips – Fear of going forward in major decisions and accepting new experiences

Knees – Your level of flexibility in life. Inability to bend, fear, inflexibility, won’t give in, humility, stubborn pride & ego

Ankles – Balance & adaptation to terrain. Pain caused by inflexibility & guilt. Represent the ability to perceive pleasure

Ailments & Connections:

Arthritis: Negative emotions are as eroding like acid; inflammation caused by resentment and bitterness and bottled up hurt

Digestive disorders: Imbalance between rational mind and emotions – mental “digestion” mirrored in physical digestion

Cancer: Something “eating away” at you – a deep secret, hatred or guilt. Lack of nurturing or self-nurturing in your life

Broken Bones/Fractures: Rebelling against authority

Bursitis: Repressing anger and carrying an overload of fear

Joint Pain: Unsure of what direction to take in life, loss of direction, unmovable, stagnant

Loss of Balance: Not centred, scattered thinking

Sciatica: too hypocritical, fear of money, fear of the future

Sprains: Unable, or not wanting to move in a certain direction in life; resistance

Slipped Disc: Indecisive, feeling unsupported by situations and people in life

Stiffness: Thinking is rigid and tight – learn to move with the flow

Weakness: Mental overload – learn to rest the mind

So there you go – control your thoughts and feelings and your body will thank you for it!


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#1Drabuziu Taisymas

Hello, my name is Drabuziu Taisymas Very interesting piece!! Stress is a normal response to difficult situations. We often confuse it as some form of mental pressure caused due to our own inability to deal with things. But that’s not what it is. Stress is not an action, it’s a reaction. Stress is our reaction to various external factors. Before we get to the whole coping part, first we need to understand a few things about stress that are essential.
According to me Stress is not always bad. Stress is the body’s way of reacting to a challenge. When faced with a tough situation, there are a whole lot of reactions that the body goes through. Increased pulse rate, adrenaline boost, faster response to stimuli and among those, stress is one. But the same stress that ‘stresses us out’, also makes us quicker and more prone to handle situations better. Stress makes us do our best. So it isn’t always a bad thing.

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