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Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Visualize a lemon . . . go ahead . . . try it. 

Now, think about cutting into that lemon — smell the lemony scent and see the juice running down the sides of the lemon.  Now, squeeze some of the lemon’s juice into your mouth and take a big bite of the lemon.  Is your mouth watering?  If you’re like most people, it is, and what you’re experiencing is a physiological response to the memory of a lemon.  The body’s response to stress works in a similar way.

The physiology of the mind-body dynamic can work in a similar way.  In most cases an emotional response to a given stimulus is normal and healthy.  However, sometimes a normal emotional response fails to complete its full cycle (extinction does not take place), which can lead to aberrant responses to a future similar stimulus.

In NET we call these aberrations Neuro Emotional Complex (NECs). This also happens when a person recalls to memory an event in which a stress originally occurred. This is a key factor in the NET treatment. The physical state of the body will replicate a similar physical state which was due to an  original event involving an emotional response. By remembering, an NEC can be located and the emotional ‘charge’ can be lifted.

Here’s a classic example of how a physiological response can be associated with a memory:

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