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Frequently Asked Questions

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 80% of people worldwide rely on herbal medicines for some part of their primary health care. Up until the 1930’s around 90% of all medicines that were being prescribed by doctors or sold over the counter were herbal in origin. Surprising isn’t it?

There is no doubt that in extreme situations conventional medicine can offer unparalleled opportunities to relieve symptoms and save lives. Yet despite the advances in conventional medicine there has been a dramatic renaissance in the use of herbs and supplements to ward off illness or treat existing conditions.

Nowadays, many herbs and supplements are taken based on the advice of the sales assistant, the advertising on the bottle or because a friend “said so”. This hit and miss approach may be ineffective and potentially unsafe.

When prescribed by a Clinical Herbalist the remedies are completely safe and effective regardless of age or existing condition. Over time, with regular use, the body will naturally strengthen and rebalance allowing you to regain your former energy and vitality.

What is a Clinical herbalist and how do they differ from other modalities?

A Clinical Herbalist specialises in phytotherapy (the use of plants as medicines) including phytopharmacology, nutrition, pharmacology, allopathic prescriptions including mainstream medical diagnostics. Our approach is based on traditional research which has been validated by science.

What can they do to help me?

A Clinical Herbalist is qualified in using herbs, nutrition and supplements to help the body naturally regain strength while encouraging the healing response from within. DP Herbals can treat most health disorders safely and effectively such as:

Skin conditions, autoimmune conditions, asthma, allergies, menopause, insomnia, insulin resistance,  PMS, fatigue, stress, digestive problems, no energy, reproductive concerns, infertility, male reproductive concerns, depression, arthritis, weight loss, high cholesterol, hypertension, colds and flu’s………..and so on.

*For conditions that are complex and potentially life threatening I will refer to the appropriate medical professionals.

What about prescription medication?

Many people seeing a Clinical Herbalist are currently on medications. This is not a problem but it is very important to understand that herbs can interact with prescription medication so guidance is needed. In many ways, herbal medicine can be very complimentary in its action when used alongside prescription medication and can improve its efficacy. I do not recommend people take themselves off their prescription medications without their Doctor being informed.

How long does it take and will it work?

The success of herbal treatment depends on a variety of factors including how long you have had the condition, its severity and how conscientiously you follow the treatment plan. However, normally people are seeing changes within the first 3-4 weeks sometimes sooner.

Are herbal remedies safe?

As with all medicines, allergic reactions can occur. If this happens stop taking the herb or supplement immediately and contact your Herbalist or Doctor straight away. In general, herbs should be sourced from a registered manufacturer. This is important as inferior products could be less effective or adulterated with the addition of another substance. Most problems occur, however, when people self prescribe and the wrong remedy is being used or it interacts with current medication.

What supplements or herbs will I expect to receive?

DP Herbals only stock top quality herbs and supplements from reputable companies. The supplements are “Practitioner only” meaning that the dosages within each supplement are designed to be “therapeutic” and therefore should only be dispensed by someone qualified.  All formulations are produced by companies that follow rigid quality procedures ensuring a superior product.

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